"The Many" are coming!

by Pastor Carol McEntyre on January 09, 2023

First Baptist Church is excited to welcome the musical group The Many!

I first heard The Many at the Wild Goose Festival, a Christian gathering celebrating art, music, and social justice. I fell in love with their music and mission to create progressive, contemporary Christian songs and liturgies. I enjoy contemporary worship music, but the theology is often very conservative. I was thrilled to find a band producing contemporary Christian music that reflected the values of justice and inclusion, which I see as central to the gospel of Jesus Christ. So, I am thrilled to welcome The Many to First Baptist.

The Many will perform Saturday, February 25, at 5 pm in the First Baptist Church Sanctuary for a free community concert. The ensemble will also provide music and lead worship at 11:15 am on Sunday, February 26, at the church.

Drawing on indie pop and gospel influences, The Many is an intentionally diverse group of musicians committed to honest expressions of faith, peacemaking, economic and racial justice, and LGBTQ+ inclusion. The group includes Hannah Rand, Christa Sangster Monroe, Darren Calhoun, Jonathan Ulanday, Kristina Sinks and Gary Rand. They are the house band of the Plural Guild which came together to create music, poems, prayer, visual art, liturgy, experiences and community that embrace questions and doubts, as well as faith. The Many makes music to help give voice to faith and doubt, questions and fears, laments and longings, music that speaks to a non-violent God, who is with us and for us.
Both events are free to attend and open to the public.

Learn more about The Many https://www.themanyarehere.com/

Check out their work:

Thank you,
Pastor Carol McEntyre (she/her)

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