Who We Are

A wide variety of theological perspectives can be found at First Baptist. Which means any statement about what First Baptist believes needs the disclaimer that it is not necessarily the expressed beliefs of individuals in our community of faith.  However, there are some theological concepts and themes that are predominant in our worship and life together. These themes, and many other theological convictions, can be seen most readily in the language and spirit of our worship together. 

We talk about the triune God. God is one being in three persons – known as Father, Son and Holy Spirit or Creator, Christ and Holy Spirit.  

We talk about how God came to earth in the person of Jesus Christ and saves us in the full sense of that word by his life, death and resurrection. 

We talk about the Holy Spirit as God’s nearness to us and as the means by which we commune with Christ today. 

We stress the importance of the church as a Spirit-formed community, and the continuation of the body of Christ on Earth, working to further the kingdom of God. 

We emphasize the life and teachings of Jesus as central to our faith.

We affirm that the Bible is a primary source for our beliefs and practice; one which is to be engaged with our minds and hearts.

We are a church that:

  • blends biblical faith with intellectual integrity, respecting a person’s right to think freely
  • values everyone’s gifts for service and leadership, both women and men
  • welcomes people of every age, race, gender, economic reality and LGBTQ status.  We believe that all people are created in the image of God; thus, all are welcomed to participate fully in the life of our church and can serve in leadership.
  • affirms spiritual experiences of new members from both Baptist and non-Baptist backgrounds
  • values different expression of worshiping God, both contemporary and liturgical
  • receives joy from intergenerational experiences and ministries
  • celebrates and promotes Christ’s call for social justice
  • seeks to make a difference in our community and world
  • is a family where joys, sorrows, hopes and dreams all meet at the table of our Lord
  • understands that unity does not require uniformity.

First Baptist is a place where everyone matters. Our commitment to one another and to Christ is reflected by the values of our Church Covenant. In community together, we strive to live our lives in a manner worthy of the gospel we profess.

Church Covenant  

Because we have responded to Christ’s call to follow him as disciples and because we find this calling too difficult and too important to fulfill alone,      

We covenant together to support and to pray for one another without ceasing; to be candid in our speech, kind in our attitudes, and caring in all our dealings with one another; to seek the mind and vision of Christ for ourselves and our life together, mindful that our unity does not require uniformity.            

Moreover, we covenant to give first priority to our times of public worship and learning; to sustain our common mission by proportionate giving, faithful service and personal witness; to live our lives in a manner worthy of the gospel we profess and of this family of faith; and to seek each other’s forgiveness and God’s when we fail to honor this covenant, trusting God’s Spirit to renew us in stronger faith, brighter hope and broader love. 

We Are Family

First Baptist Church of Columbia is a vibrant community of Christ-followers striving not for uniformity, but for unity that can only come through the work of the Holy Spirit. In our call to be one as Christ has proclaimed, we seek to treat diversity with respect and love, and nurture our faith as we journey together in the work of God's Kingdom.

Where do I park on Sunday?

Parking for First Baptist is available behind the church building.  When you are on Broadway, you will want to turn onto Waugh Street.  You will pass the church and there will be a sign on your right indicating that you have made it to the “First Baptist Parking.” You can enter through the double doors and turn to the left for the Fellowship hall or turn right to find the Sanctuary.

When do your services start?

We have two Worship Services:9:15am Awakening is our causal service with a live band and is held in our Fellowship Hall.11:15am Traditional Worship is held in the Sanctuary.  Both of our worship services are also live-streamed on our YouTube channel, and Facebook @FirstBaptistChurchCOMO

How long does service last?

Most worship services at First Baptist Church last about one hour. 

What should I wear?

We want you to wear what makes you feel comfortable. You will find a wide array of attire. Some will be wearing dresses or slacks and button downs, while others will be wearing shorts and a t-shirt. You’ll find at First Baptist the emphasis is not on clothes but on worship, friends and learning.

Do you offer Bible study?

Yes. Every Sunday at 10:15 a.m. we have what we call Sunday Morning Small Groups for all ages.

New Here?

First Baptist is a unique voice for progressive Christianity in Columbia, seeking to form Christ-like disciples in authentic community for the good of the world. 

Starting Point

Want to get involved? Grow in your faith through worship and small groups, serve God through local ministry opportunities, and connect in deep and meaningful community.

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