Moving Your Congregation from Dualistic (Either/Or) Thinking to Wisdom

by Pastor Carol McEntyre on July 06, 2022

During Vacation Bible School, I recounted the story in Acts chapter two and the day of Pentecost to third graders at my church. When I finished, one of the boys raised his hand and said, “Let me get this straight…” From the way he began, I knew I was in trouble! He went on to say, “So, you are telling me that the doors to the house were shut, but a big wind blew through the house, something that looked like tongues on fire fell on each person’s head, and then, they spoke in other languages.” I told him that was the gist of the story, yes. Then, without skipping a beat, he retorted, “Well, I don’t believe that for one minute.”  ...............

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Tags: wisdom, faith, bible, literal vs metaphorical

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