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Christian Mindfulness Sheppard Lecture 2020

Christian Mindfulness Sheppard Lecture 2020

Every Sunday, from 11/01/2020 to 11/22/2020, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Contact: Carol McEntyre |

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Christian Mindfulness
Sunday Evenings at 5pm, beginning November 1

2020 is a bit different, but thanks to technology, we are still planning
our annual Sheppard Lecture. Beginning Sunday, November 1 at 5:00
pm, Dr. Irene Kraegel is going to be with us via Zoom for 4 workshops
called Present to God: Christian Mindfulness Worship.
Dr. Irene Kraegel’s book, The Mindful Christian, defines mindfulness
in several different ways. One definition she gives is “Mindfulness
is the act of showing up, of being present for the life that God has
given us.” Grounded in Biblical theology, mindfulness theory, and
clinical psychology, this series of four workshops, which Irene Kraegel
will present, provides practical mindfulness experience that will equip
participants to manage unpleasant emotions effectively and to fully
engage with the life God has provided. The workshop is created to
be down-to-earth in tone, engaging both the hearts and minds of
participants - a great gift to people looking for mental health tools that
can be applied within their journey of Christian discipleship.
Sessions include information-sharing, guided practice, and group discussion as appropriate. The Mindful Christian book is recommended (but not required) for participants as a workshop accompaniment. Each session will include time for connecting as a group at the beginning as well as debriefing at the end.
Options will be given throughout for different types of engagement with
the practices (including different physical positions).

The Zoom link will be sent by email to the First Baptist distribution list on Thursday before each session. If you are a visitor and would like to join us for this event, it is free and open to the public, you can contact our church office at or 573-442-1149 and register by giving us your name & email address and we will send you the Zoom link each week.

Title: Renewal of the Mind
Topic: Christian mindfulness defined
Practice: body scan practice

Title: God in the Present
Topic: what’s in a moment?
Practice: sitting practice

Title: Learning Contentment
Topic: judgment & acceptance
Practice: movement practice

Title: Clothed in Compassion
Topic: compassion for self & others
Practice: loving kindness/blessing practice