Current Youth Missions


11:00 a.m. Youth Sunday School
Meet in the Youth Room located on  the 3rd floor of the Education Building.

Youth Ensemble
     Meet in the Sanctuary to sing and ring handbells.

Sunday Night Youth Group 
Gather in the elevator lobby, then it’s on to the Youth Room
on the third floor to enjoy an hour of fun, reflection, and fellowship.

Jesus is the central focus and figure of the Bible. The Bible predicts His coming thousands of years before His birth, tells of His life and ministry, recounts His death, details His burial, announces His triumphant resurrection, and shows the remarkable changes in the lives of His followers. Knowing Jesus is the beginning and the end of the Christian faith. Our desire is that through this study, your students will come face to face with Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Both our MS and HS youth will be using this material.

Christ is made up lessons on the following topics:

  • Old      Testament prophecies about Him
  • Events      surrounding Jesus’ birth and young life
  • Jesus’      ministry, including His miracles and parables
  • Jesus’      interactions with various people
  • Jesus’      death, burial, resurrection, and ascension
  • Jesus’      coming return


Each Sunday students are encouraged to join us in the youth suite for our gathering time before Sunday School, 10:45- 11:10am. This is a time to catch up, grab a bite to eat, and share our prayer concerns and celebration as a community before heading to Middle School and High School Sunday School groups.