Music & the Arts

Wake every breath and string! With jubilation, sing!
Let sound through every chord the name of Christ our Lord.
Come join in heaven’s round.
Let songs sing out and trumpets sound!
– Mary Louise Bringle

The hymn above Wake Every Breath and String, is a joyful text that reminds us that music is a deep expression of our joy in and love for Jesus Christ our Lord. Our music may be as simple as children’s voices on a playground. It may be as strong as a congregation affirming that “Jesus love me, this I know.” Our music may be experienced in silence or in the fortes of a trumpet blast. The text, written in 2004 by hymn writer, Mary Louise Bringle, also reminds us that our chords of praise are not limited to voice or one specific instrument. Wake every breath or string or trumpet or organ — we are all part of the harmony of praise. As such, we invite you to consider sharing your time and talents in one of the many FBC music ministry ensembles.