Campus Ministries

Whether you are an undergraduate student, working on a Master’s degree, doing Ph.D. work or simply continuing your education, FBC wants to walk with you on your faith journey.  We understand that faith isn’t always about having answers.  If you enjoy discussing faith issues, examining the diversity of spirituality or simply asking questions, then FBC might be a place for you.  It’s safe to say that you won’t have to check your brain at the door.  We won’t give you “canned” answers to some of the complex social, environmental and ethical problems we see in the world.  The world is not a “black and white” place and neither is our faith.  We truly appreciate exploring the gray areas.  At First we won’t tell you what you are supposed to believe but we will relationally explore our faiths together so that we can have a healthy, holistic faith that is respectful of differences and celebrates what we have in common!

Our Wednesday night gathering  resumes January 25th at 8:30pm, see ya then.

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If you have questions please contact FBC’s Campus Ministry Coordinator, Michael McEntyre