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Colleen Ostercamp

Colleen Ostercamp

Colleen's title is Organist, yet she brings so much more than just the gift of music to our church family. Her heart for worship and the gentleness of her spirit are a welcoming presence in our faith community.

Colleen is the organist at First Baptist Church and has been for 26 years. She plays the organ, piano, flute, and bells. Music has always been a part of her life, she even remembers winning the “Singing Brownie Award” when she was 8 years old. Colleen received her Bachelor of Arts in music education from Sioux Falls College in South Dakota. Colleen went on to do mission work in Brazil and Canada and then became the director of a preschool in Miami, Florida. Now, she calls First Baptist Church home and loves the family atmosphere that the professional staff offers and the friendly congregation that she gets to play for every Sunday.