For Our Soul's Sake Carol McEntyre 6-14 First Baptist Church Columbia MO

Jun 21, 2015

Passage: Isaiah 58:3-8

Preacher: Rev. Dr. Carol McEntyre

Series: Local Missions Emphasis Month

Keywords: care for the poor, isaiah 58, missions, poverty, local missions emphasis month


In Isaiah 58, God describes the kind of fast that is truly pleasing to God to act compassionately toward your neighbor. This is the kind of fast that pleases God, to share your resources with those who are in need. This passage refers to the hungry and needy as kin, "your own flesh and blood.” In other words, the hungry and the needy are part of your family and when you ignore them, it is like you are ignoring your brother, or your sister. God is calling us to care for those in need. Isaiah 58.

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