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First Baptist Staff

Carol McEntyre

Carol serves as the Pastor here at First Baptist. Her love for people, passion for preaching, and dedication to following God's calling can be seen in all she does at First 573-442-1149

Michael McEntyre

Michael is our Associate Pastor for Youth, College and Young Adults, and Missions. He works with students in Middle School, High School and beyond as they grow in faith and move towards adulthood. office: 573-442-1149

Colleen Ostercamp

Colleen's title is Organist, yet she brings so much more than just the gift of music to our church family. Her heart for worship and the gentleness of her spirit are a welcoming presence in our faith community.

Brenda Rice

Brenda's job title is Project Coordinator, which covers a broad array of duties. From seasonal displays for worship, to church decor, to maintaining our website, Brenda is a busy 573-442-1149

Ed Rollins

Ed serves as the Associate Pastor for Music and Administration. He is in charge of everything from choir practice and hand bells to construction projects and heating bills. When in doubt, ask 573-442-1149

Yvette Chambers

Director of Children’s Ministryoffice: 573-442-1149

Jess Wolfe

CDC Director, As Director of the Child Development Center her passion for early childhood education and leadership brought her to the First Baptist CDC family. From managing staff to serving lunch, Jess is involved in all aspects of the CDC. office: 573-443-7677

Brittany McDonald-Null

Our very First Pastoral Residentoffice: 573-442-1149

Shelby Myers

Praise Band Directoroffice: 573-442-1149