Who We Are

We’re glad you’re interested in knowing something about First Baptist Church! We have been around since 1823, but we’re not old – we are full of the hope that is found in the grace, love and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are all about worshiping God, teaching Biblical truths, serving our Lord and loving each other. It’s all about being a part of God’s family and that is something we value here at First Baptist. But there is much more to who we are! We are a church that…

  • …blends biblical faith with intellectual integrity, respecting a person’s right to think freely
  • …values everyone’s gifts for service and leadership, both women and men
  • …welcomes all persons regardless of age, race, creed, gender, economic status or
    sexual orientation
  • …affirms spiritual experiences of new members from both Baptist and non-Baptist backgrounds
  • …values different expression of worshipping God, both contemporary and liturgical
  • …receives joy from intergenerational experiences and ministries
  • …celebrates and promotes Christ’s call for social justice
  • …seeks to make a difference in our community and world
  • …is a family where joys, sorrows, hopes and dreams all meet at the table of our Lord
  • …is a progressive church for a progressive community!
  • …understands that unity does not require uniformity.

We think First Baptist is a home for you to journey in faith, worship in spirit and truth, serve with joy, and develop a community of friends and supporters.

First Baptist is a place where everyone matters. Hope to see you in church very soon!