How To Join

First Baptist’s doors are always open to new members and friends. We want to be your church family!

You can join First Baptist in a number of ways:

  • By professing your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior—saying that you want to follow Jesus with your life. We will then baptize you and you will be a member.
  • By transferring your membership from another church, Baptist or other Christian denomination. All we need to know is that you have been baptized in a way that is sufficient and meaningful to you.
  • By your personal statement of faith and baptism if there is some hardship in getting your membership transferred (sometimes churches cannot be contacted, have closed, or membership data gets lost or destroyed.
  • By joining under “Watch-care,” which means that you want to identify with First Baptist while you are in Columbia, but you don’t want to change your membership from a “home church” (this is most helpful for students.)