Faith in Action

Joplin, MO 2011

First Baptist is characterized by many noble things, but none more than our interest in putting our faith into action and being on mission for Christ in a needy world. Our members are involved in local mission work like Habitat for Humanity, Loaves and Fishes (meal station for the homeless in our community), the Wardrobe (clothing closet for those on limited incomes), “Everyone Eats” (city-wide Thanksgiving dinner for the poor), and many, many more.

We send out Youth on an annual mission trip; we try to do the same for our adults, or create a local church-wide mission opportunity.

Joplin, MO

The FBC Missions Action Group is leading us beyond our local community to support the Micah Challenge, a way that Christians can work alongside the United Nations in assisting those in poverty worldwide. In so doing we have worked with Heifer International to send “arks” of animals to impoverished persons, with Water Partners International to dig water wells in Ethiopia, and we are turning our attention to educating children in certain countries in Africa.

Current Mission Emphasis:

Georgia (former Republic of)

For well over a decade First Baptist Church has ministered to Georgia. We assist by providing humanitarian assistance of many types (clothing, books, medicine, funding), as well as spiritual. Members of our church and staff have visited Georgia to teach seminary classes and strengthen the Baptist work in Georgia through training. To go to the Evangelical Baptist Church of Georgia website, Click Here.

Habitat for Humanity

FBC younger men helped build a local Habitat House this year. Other members and friends of our congregation are regular builders, one house at a time.

Nothing but Nets

Nothing but Nets is a ministry to African nations to secure bed netting for families so that they can be better protected from mosquitoes carrying the malaria virus. Nets are $10 each, and a number of our church ministries are raising funds this year, including our Vacation Bible School participants.

Personal Energy Transportation (PET) Project’s

The Personal Energy Transportation (PET) Project’s mission is to provide appropriate mobility for all of God’s children in need. We seek to provide mobility first for those in greatest need and with the least resources in poor or underdeveloped countries. The PET Project is a part of the ministry of Jesus Christ, whose disciples said,

“In the name of Jesus Christ, arise and walk.” Acts 3:6