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Young Adult

Our college and young adult ministry is an outlet for those in the midst of becoming independent adults to pose their questions about faith and all areas of life. Whether you are pursuing a degree, working towards a career, or still figuring it all out, our College and Young Adult ministry can help you connect and grow. We have multiple events throughout the year that promote free discussion, fellowship and fun. Contact Michael McEntyre if you have questions about any of our events or activities.

Sunday Night Bible Study

From September- December and February- May our College and Young Adult Ministry meets on Sunday Nights from 5:30-7:00pm on the 3rd floor in the Student Suite to explore our faith and grow in our walk with Christ and each other. Join us for dinner and discussion this semester. 

Campus One on One

Sometimes a college student just needs someone to talk with, someone to listen, or someone to buy them lunch. Whatever the case, our College and Young Adult pastor, Michael McEntyre, is available. Call (573-442-1149) or email ( ) to set up a time to meet.

Retreats, Trips, Outings and More

Throughout the year our College and Young Adult ministry plans various activities and retreats for the group. Laser Tag nights, ski trips, Spring Retreats, missions trip opportunities, bonfires and dinners are just a few of the events we have coming up. Check out the info below or watch our church calendar for more details.


Important Upcoming Events


Mar. 11-15th- Advocacy on Action Trip to New York, NY

Spring Break Ski Trip, Mar 25-30th- Winter Park CO