Night Under The Stars

This September, First Baptist Church will host Night Under the Stars, a fundraising event for Room at the Inn and Columbia Interfaith Resource Center.
Night Under the Stars will be an interactive, missions education experience open to all youth, college students, church groups, etc., which will include:

  •  Dinner at a “soup kitchen” created by our volunteers.
  •  Opportunities to work through typical scenarios those in poverty face each day
  •  Life lessons from formerly homeless and those who work with the homeless in our community.
  •  Sleeping in a mock Room at the Inn shelter
  •  Learning about how we can work together to impact poverty in our community

How much does it cost?
Registration is $25 per participant.
Participants may register online through Sign Up Genius at
Payments can be made online or by sending in a check to:
First Baptist Church 1112 E Broadway, Columbia MO 65201 memo: Night Under the Stars.
On top of our registration fee, each participant is then asked to raise at least (but not limited to) $20 in additional sponsorships. All registration fees and proceed go to Room at the Inn and Columbia Interfaith Resource Center.

Where will the event take place?
Night Under the Stars will be hosted at First Baptist Church, downtown (1112 E Broadway). Participants will travel to various locations within walking distance of the church as a part of the experience, and will return to the church to sleep.
For more information contact Michael McEntyre at or call First Baptist Church at 573-442-1149

History and Overview of Night Under the Stars?
Last winter the students at First Baptist went and toured the Room at the Inn, Columbia’s cold weather shelter sponsored by Columbia Interfaith Resource Center (CIRC) and local congregations. Our students wanted to get involved, but because of necessary age restrictions, there was no real way for them to participate. Night Under the Stars was created as a way for students to help Room at the Inn and learn about poverty in our community at the same time.

The idea is simple. Students and/ or youth groups can sign up for the event by going online at (survey monkey site) and registering. There is a $25 registration fee per participant. This can be paid by the individual participant or group. Each participant is then asked to raise at least $20 in additional sponsorships. All registration fees and proceed go to Room at the Inn and CIRC. Registration opens July 7th and continues until we reach capacity.

Night Under the Stars starts Friday night September 5th at First Baptist Church on the front lawn at 5:30pm.
The goal of the event is to raise funds for Room at the Inn while educating our students about the effects of poverty in our community through a poverty simulation and interactive activities. Students and adult participants will check in and be given instructions. Once registration is complete, the group will walk to an area church for dinner at a “soup kitchen”. After the meal, the group will walk to various locations that a person in need might visit in a typical day (while there are many places we could visit, due to time and physical limitations, the tour will be consist of 4-5 stops, less than 2 miles in total distance). The group will return to our host site to hear from our guest speakers and to participate in a poverty simulation activity designed to help students understand the challenges and difficulties of someone living in poverty. This activity will be done in small groups with facilitators. After group time, individual church groups will be given a time to meet together as a group to debrief the evenings events. After church group time, light snacks will be provided before participants check into the “Room at the Inn” for the night.
When it is time for bed, guys will be escorted to the gym and ladies will line up outside the fellowship hall. Participants will go through the same check in process that guests at Room at the Inn go through each night. Their belongings will be “searched” upon entry and they will be wanded with a metal detector. Participants will be assigned a cot for the night (bedding is provided). Groups are asked to have male and female chaperones respectively that will plan on sleeping in the same area as their students. Once everyone is settled and ready for bed we will have lights out. Event volunteers will be available throughout the night just like at Room at the Inn and there will be a security presence with us throughout the event. Hot breakfast will be served in the morning and members of the CIRC board and Room at the Inn coordinators will greet participants with some brief words of thanks and information about how their churches, friends, and families can help with Room at the Inn this winter. We will close with a time of reflection, dismissing by 9:30am.
Night Under the Starts is an opportunity for students and adults to better understand the lives of those in need in our community.
Time and again the Bible talks of God’s love for the poor and oppressed, this event hopes to raise awareness of our neighbors and raise money for the important ministry that Room at the Inn offers to so many in our community.

For more information contact Michael McEntyre at or call First Baptist Church at 573-442-1149.
To signup for Night Under the Stars, visit