Church Covenant

Though almost 20 years old now, the First Baptist Church Covenant was written to remind members and friends of the joyful calling to serve Christ and each other – it provides a road map for how we treat each other and for what we can do to better love, teach, worship and serve our Lord.  The covenant is read in our worship almost every month to remind us of our calling. It is an impressive statement in its simplicity and its strength.
* * * * * * *

Because we have responded to Christ’s call to follow him as disciples and because we find this calling too difficult and too important to fulfill alone, we covenant together

  • to support and to pray for one another without ceasing;
  • to be candid in our speech, kind in our attitudes, and caring in all our dealings with one another;
  • to seek the mind and vision of Christ for ourselves and our life together, mindful that our unity does not require uniformity.

Moreover, we covenant

  • to give first priority to our times of public worship and learning;
  • to sustain our common mission by proportionate giving, faithful service and personal witness;
  • to live our lives in a manner worthy of the gospel we profess and of this family of faith; and to seek each other’s forgiveness and God’s when we fail to honor this Covenant, trusting God’s Spirit to renew us in stronger faith, brighter hope and broader love.